Semester 2



April  27-May 1

Due Date


April 28

Email Check-in #5 
Reply to the email Ms. Grear sent you. Answer all of the questions and continue to use professional email format. 

April 30

Complete the Engineering Learning Survey

May 1

Change your Google Profile Picture


April 20-24

Due Date Assignments
April 21




Send an EMAIL to me with the subject: Check In #4. For this EMAIL, you go to Google Doodle and choose your favorite. It can be from any country. You need to include a sentence explaining why this is your favorite Google Doodle. 

Bonus: The teacher will respond to email check in #4. You must respond to that email, in the proper format, and you must answer the question that the teacher asks. Click Mark as Done.





Subject (1 pt)

Include a greeting (1 pt)

Include a sentence explaining why this is your favorite Google Doodle. (3 pts)

Include the Google Doodle image. (3 pts)

Include a closing (1 pt) 

Include your name (1 pt)


April 24

Technology and Engineering:
NASA Glenn Research Center Virtual Tours


For this week you are going to take at least five virtual tours of your choice, complete a quiz (google form) for the virtual tours you take, and fill out your assigned spreadsheet of your scores you earn on each quiz.  



You are required to take at least five virtual tours and complete at least five of the quizzes.
There are no retakes of the quizzes.
You are allowed to take more than five of the virtual tours and quizzes. 

If you take more than five of the virtual tours and quizzes then the five HIGHEST grades will be put in the grade book.
The spread sheet will automatically calculate your grade using your five highest scores as you put in your quiz scores. Do not do anything to the cells outlined in red with arrows saying DO NOT EDIT these cells.'

The quiz links and spreadsheet is on google classroom in the assigment. 



April 13-17

Due Date Assignment

April 14

Send an email to me with the subject: Check In #3. For this email, you will visit What do you want to do in the future? Do some research and choose 1 career. You will need to copy the URL so you can include the link in your email.

Bonus: What is the Google Doodle for April 1? (1 extra credit point) Click Mark as Done on Google Classroom (1 extra credit point).

Make sure you look at the Rubric that is attached. You still need to have the correct subject, a greeting, closing and your name.

Watch the video. It shows you how to include links in your email.


April 17

For this project you need to build a free-standing structure as tall as your forearm that has a purpose. (The purpose can be make-believe, like a fairy climbing tower) Be creative!


Then you need to include the following in the Structure Assignment Google Document: 


You need to name your structure.
You need to describe your structure, design inspiration, purpose and why you chose the name in at least four complete sentences

You need to create a bulleted-list of the materials and equipment you used

You need to create a numbered-list of the steps you used to create your structure

You need to separate each section with bold text headings (description, materials and equipment, procedure, picture)

You need to include a picture of your structure beside your forearm for measurement verification


Bonus: Include Length, Width and Height measurement in centimeters


April 6-10: Happy Spring Break



March 31-April 4

Due Date Assignment
Tuesday, March 31

Email Check-in #2


Send an email to me with the subject: Check #2. For this email, you will describe the topics being covered in your TJHS classes. This needs to be in a bulleted list and each class must be its own bullet. You should include a topic sentence, after your greeting and before your bulleted list. A conclusion sentence should be included to wrap up your email, after the bulleted list and before your closing. You must still include a greeting, closing, and your name. (See the example below.) Text font and color must be a legible color, so we can read and see. Choose wisely (no yellow, no highlights, etc.).

Bonus: Insert/attach a photo. Click Mark as Done in Google Classroom when the assignment is completed



Friday, April 4


Technology and Engineering: Invention Presentation

First, click on this assignment to see ALL the parts in google classroom.
Second, watch the video.
Third, click on the Rubric to see the assignment directions and how you're going to be graded.
Fourth, click the Invention List to see the invention options with the links to start finding information.
Fifth, on the top right, click on YOUR COPY of the Invention Presentation. This is where you are to complete your work.

Last, when you are finished, click Turn in!

You should not be creating a blank slide presentation. There is a copy made for you with the directions in it.




March 23-27

Ms. Grear will be live on Google Meet from 8-9am Monday-Friday for anyone who needs help. Use code grearengineer to join our session at 8am. 

Due Date Assignment

Tuesday, March 24


E-Mail Check-in #1

Send an email to me with the subject: Check #1.
Using complete sentences, include 3 things you've done between March 16-20 that you wouldn't have done if we had school.
Include a greeting and a closing with your name.
Bonus: Change the text color to your favorite color.


Link to Assignment and Rubric

Video of how to complete assignment


March 27

Technology Engineering Hardware Presentation


Helpful video on adding Word Art




March 16-20

Day of the Week


All Week None, get ready for March 23-April 3. You will be given your assignments on Google Classroom at that point. 
Feel free to work on Tinkercad or this week. 
You can still design things on TInkercad and send to Polar Cloud. Check your e-mail for my comments if you do send something. If you need help with anything, send an e-mail. 


March 9-13

Day of the Week



Bridge Construction Day #6 Goals: 
Reinforce bridge and make it look good
Have your presentation close to done (only need finished bridge picture and mass of bridge)


Presentation finish Day



Bridge Presentations
(Even Teams for Periods 3, & 7,
Period 6 Teams 61 & 64)


Bridge Presentations
(Odd Teams for Periods 3, & 7, 
Period 6 Teams 62, 63  & 65)



To Be Determined

March 2-6

Day of the Week



Bridge Construction Day 1 Goals

1. Tape Drawing to Cardboard and Cover in Plastic Wrap
2. Work on Vehicle: Review the hints on the Bridge Project Page
3. Build I-Beams if being used in your bridge
4. Start Building Bottoms and Sides


Bridge Construction Day #2 Goals 
Work on Vehicle, you should only spend 2 days working on vehicle
Continue working on Sides and Bottom


Bridge Construction Day #3 Goals
Finish Vehicle and have it sent to the printers by the end of class
Sides and Bottoms of the brides need to be finished today
Begin working on Presentation while waiting for glue to dry


Bridge Construction Day #4 Goals 
Attach a side to the bottom of the bridge
Work on Presentation while waiting for glue to dry


Bridge Construction Day #5 Goals 

Have your Bridge in one piece

Work on Presentation while waiting for glue to dry

February 24-28

Day of the Week Assignments

Bridge Side Drawing



1. Finish Bridge Side Drawing 

2. Bridge Project Page: Copy Vehicle and Presentation Requirements on to your Bridge Project Page in your journal

3. Ohio Historic Bridge Tour Look through the designs for inspiration

4. Design a Bridge in Tinkercad 


Bridge Project: 
1. Assign Team Jobs
2. Select Bridge Side Drawigng to become Blueprint
3, Complete Bridge Project Planning Sheet

Thursday Snow Day
Bridge Project: 
1. Individual Jobs meet with Ms. Grear
2. Tape blueprints copies together
3. Complete individual portion of individual jobs paper

February 18-21

Day of the Week



1.Bridge Design Presentation Notes

2. Review on Quizlet

3. Bridge Games or

Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge 2


Create Beams for Strength Testing

Beams Investigation


Beam Strength Testing

Beams Investigation

Friday (Kona Day)

1. Finish Beams Investigation
2. Beams Quiz on Google Classroom

3. Bridge Games

Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge 2

Bridge Builder:Make sure you read the directions UNDER the game window to understand how to operate the game. 

February 10-14


Day of the Week Assignments

1. Forces on Structures Notes

2.   Vocabulary Added to journal: 
       a. force- strength or power exerted upon an object
       b. compression- a force that pushed on or squeezes a material
       c. tension- stress that occurs when forces act to stretch an object
       d. torsion- the act of twisting

3. Finish Line Drawings


1. Forces on Structures Web Activity
     Building Big Website

2. Finish Line Drawings & turn in by end of class Today

3. Forces Review Quizlet

4. Bridge Games
Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge 2


1. Forces on Structures Quiz on Google Classroom
      Use your journal. Write your score at the top of the page where you glued in your notes. 

2. Beams Notes

3. Bridge Games

4. Bridge Games
Cargo Bridge

Cargo Bridge 2




No School for Students

February 3-7

Day of the Week Assignments

Finish Keychains



Send Keychains to Printers on Polar Cloud

KeyChain Checklist: Go through this BEFORE sending the keychain to the printer

  1. Is it your name?

  2. Are all of the letters attached to each other?

  3. Where the letters are attached, is it enough that they will be strong after printing?

  4. Do you have a spot for the keyring to go through and is it attached to the rest of the keychain?

  5. Is the section for the keyring the correct size and shape? 

  6. Is everything flat and aligned to the bottom? (the bottom dot of the z-axis)

  7. Is the entire keychain the only thing in the file and one group?

  8. Is the entire keychain between 4.00mm and 10.00mm thick? (z-axis)

  9. Is the entire keychain less than 80.00mm in length? (x-axis)

  10. Is the entire keychain less than 25.00mm in width? (y-axis)






All Keychains have to be sent to Printers by end of class today

Name Brick Directions


Free Design on Tinkercad: Remember to Click Create New Design
Not everything in Tinkercad is meant to be 3D printed!


3D Printing Review

 Tinkercad Quiz


How far will it go if we have enough bottle caps

Friday Robot Friday if all keychains are turned in

January 27-31

Day of the Week Assignments

1. Types of Engineers Crossword Puzzle
Use the Types of Engineers site to find the answers. This is due TODAY. You must turn it in, even if it's not finished.
It WILL NOT be accepted late. 

2. Question on Google Classroom
Make sure you answer both questions in complete sentences

Lessons 4 & 5 are due at the end of this week. You will NOT have much time to work on them Wednesday-Friday

4. 3D Printing Review on Quizlet
Use this to review terms we've covered or will cover over 3D printing

5. Daily Log
Don't forget to skip a line after your last entry and write today's date (1/27) and a sentance about what you did in class today. 


Tuesday 3D Printing Setting Notes
Wednesday Tinkercad Introduction and Starters
3D Printing Review

Start Keychain Project

3D Printing Quiz



Keychain Project Lessons 4 & 5 are to be finished TODAY

January 21-24

Day of the Week Assignment

What is 3D Printing Notes

Work on


3D Printers Notes

Work on


3D Printer Parts Notes

Work on


Work on
Lesson 2 & 3 have to be completed on

3D Printing Review

January 13-17

Day of the Week Assignments  



Name Cards


Start Numbering Pages in Journal



Add Course on Google Classroom

Take Survey on Google Classroom

Finish Numbering Pages in Journal Hour of Code tutorials



Pre-Test on Google Classroom

Journal Cover

Video for Covering Journal Hour of Code tutorials




Set Up Journal

Join Class on
Lesson 1 Helpful Hints