Cardboard Hydraulic Arm

Cardboard Hydraulic Arm Project

You are making a cardboard robot arm that has at least three hydraulic systems to control its movements so you can rescue object and people from the radioactive zone. 

The arm needs to move: 

1. Up and Down

2. Right and Left

3. Scoop opens and closes

4. Pick up and move an object


Radioactive Rescue using Hydraulic Arm






Make it better! 
Remember, any changes you make from the original design plan should be documented and presented by the team. If there are changes that are not documented, then it appears that your team just can't follow directions. 



Scooper Arm

Here is a powerpoint with the directions step-by-step with pictures. 






Here are the original directions from Pueblo Science   Original Directions 

Here is a video of how they assembled it, even they made improvements from the original directions to the video. 


Video in Google

Gripper Arm: 

Website with Step-by Step Directions




Video on You Tube 


Video of Gripper Arm in Google



Wooden Hydraulic Arm

Directions for Wooden Arm